rhino2krl is a cad to robot interface for offline programming robot movements. It generates a highly adaptable robot control code (KRL). The interface is fully integrated into the Cad-Software Rhino3d. Just pick any Curves from the document, decide on a strategy how to orient the robot’s tool and get the KRL-Code. This approach is 100% compatible with rhinonestrhinocam, grasshopper, rhinoscript, phytonscript and many more.


The generated code can be read very easily on the robot’s control panel, allowing to move the workpiece, adapt the security-position / height, the global speed parameters and many more. Each rhino-curve becomes a toolpath that is called with one line of code. Therefore it is easy to manage complex jobs and recognise the former Cad-elements. The example shows 12 curves that represent a “HELLO WORLD” writing.


rhino2krl was first presented on the rob|arch2012 – conference.

All robotic projects on this page use this interface:

star puzzleRobotic Micro Capentry and many more.


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