Fountain at Münsterhof

Modell 1-33 R&S Bild 5
The council of zurich commissioned Romero & Schaefle Architekten to design the refurbishment of the town square Münsterhof (english) (german) in Zurich. Until now the place mostly served as a parking lot. With the new concept, this usage will nearly disappear and the place will transform into a vivid, urban place.

One of the main elements of the new design is a huge public fountain. Romero & Schaefle Architekten asked Tom Pawlofsky to get support for the development of the precise shape and the required 3d-data for the production. Many thanks for the great collaboration – and good luck for the realisation in 2015.

Folie 1top-view of the concept.

muensterhof_ansichtside-view of the new fountain