A Band of Floating Mushrooms

w60_bofm_2From a rooftop at Kunstfreilager Dreispitz in Münchenstein / Basel, the sculpture Band of Floating Mushrooms is broadcasting randomly generated music in a live stream. This installation is a project from Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg and was realised by Kunstbetrieb AG.

for an extension of the sculpture, Tom Pawlofsky developed a workflow to cut the angled edges of the triangles. The workflow uses pre-cut triangles and a computer-controlled circular table saw. This approach turned out to have several benefits regarding handling, productivity and costs – compared to flank-mill all edges on a five-axis-cnc-Router.

T75_PreX_Maschine_001_programm_ini_smallThe table saw Martin T75 offers an interface via a “programm.ini” file. A small, custom programmed interface generates this file directly from the 3d-cad data of the sculpture.
To control the production, the custom programmed interface generates a technical drawing for each triangle